Chapter News – February 2018

New Bylaws effective February 8th The Puget Sound chapter membership voted to accept our new bylaws at the February meeting. The vote was nearly unanimously in favor (one new member abstained). This first update of our bylaws since 2000 is based very closely on the recommended template provide by SinC national and will govern our … Read more

Four Writers on the Mystery Subgenres – A Panel

Join us for our March meeting, 3/8/2017 at 7:00pm in the Stadler Room at Third Place Commons in Lake Forest Park. Our Program: Mystery Subgenres — A Panel of Writers When you say you want to write a mystery, what exactly do you mean? Our genre includes a whole spectrum of subgenres from cozy and traditional … Read more

Chapter News

There is a lot happening in our chapter — and we’d like to keep you informed! Bylaws and Secretary: Once our new bylaws are approved by the chapter, we’ll be seeking a member to fill the position of Secretary for the remainder of 2018. Please let Alice, Marty, or Waverly know or send an email if … Read more

Perfect your pitch at our February 8th meeting

“What’s your book about?” For many writers, this is one of the hardest questions to answer. At our meeting on Thursday, February 8th, marketing expert Beth Jusino will help you to learn how to craft the perfect pitch that distills your work and make everyone from agents and publishers to family and friends want to … Read more

Vote to adopt new by-laws on February 8th

At the February 8th meeting, we will vote on the adoption of our new by-laws. If you didn’t receive a copy of them by email, please let us know at, and we will send you one. Only paid-up members of the Puget Sound chapter and the national Sisters in Crime are eligible to vote. … Read more

January 2018 – James W. Ziskin

January 2018 brings new faces to our leadership. We welcome our new co-presidents, Alice K. Boatwright and Marty Wingate, and our new Secretary/Treasurer, Waverly Fitzgerald. Please note, our old Facebook and new Twitter accounts are active – like/follow us and help us reach more local mystery writers and readers! James W. Ziskin will headline our … Read more

Writing a Closing to 2017

What shall we end 2017 with? Hint: It won’t be “The End.” Too cliche. But even cliche can be fun, so get ready for our annual end-of-year party! See the email from Susan for details; if you are on our newsletter list but didn’t get Susan’s message, contact her. Congratulations to our newly elected co-presidents, Alice … Read more

October 2017 – Recap

What a fabulous October meeting! Half a dozen of us brought flash stories – from the more traditional mystery to the spooky to the existential. Many thanks to all who shared, and equal thanks to those who wrote and read! Jeanne Matthews shared an exciting promotion for her books that take place in wondrously diverse … Read more

October meeting & nominations

Our October meeting will be held on Thursday, October 12th, at 7:00pm. See you at Third Place Commons. A note from our esteemed co-president, Susan Schreyer: Under our current Bylaws, we nominate in October and vote in November for taking office in January. If you are interested in being nominated (you must give permission for … Read more

Celebrating 30 years & moving forward

2017 is the 30th anniversary of the Sisters in Crime organization. Fourteen of us celebrated with cake and sparkling cider at our September meeting. Seattle’s chapter formed not long after – and we caught up on some of our history from our current treasurer, Nan Robkin, who has been part of the group since the beginning. The weather … Read more