President’s Message

Our new ‘normal’

‘Happy’ July! In this case ‘happy’ is a relative term. It’s hard to be happy when so many people are suffering in our country and around the world from devastating health and economic challenges. I find myself with an unusual (for me) loss for words as I try to take in the enormity of this moment in history.

There is no ‘business’ as usual. Maybe those of us who work have lost paying jobs. Maybe we’ve lost family members. Hopefully, we all have enough food to eat and shelter. But the new ‘normal’ is that there is nothing ‘normal’ about what we’re going through.

As writers—our job is to write. And judging from this month’s Membership News (Thanks, Alice Boatwright, for compiling!), the pandemic is not slowing many of you down! That’s great. Congratulations. Your progress encourages others.

Don’t lose heart. Things will get better.

And please,  join us for our virtual ice cream social on July 9th.

My best wishes to you all,

Luanne C. Brown

Ice Cream Social

Next Meetings:

July 9, 7 PM: Virtual Ice Cream Social event

We will be unable to hold our annual July picnic because of coronavirus risks. We do not, however, want to miss out on the chance to get to know each other better. Please attend our Ice Cream Social the evening of July 9 at 7 PM. Bring your own ice cream, frozen yogurt, or dessert of your choice which you can share with us ‘on camera’ to delight our eyes and virtual taste buds.

During the Social each participant will have approximately five minutes to give an update on what you are working on or anything else you would like to share about what you’ve been up to.

Hope you will join us!

August: Summer hiatus

September: Michael Pool

October: Elizabeth George

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