President’s Message

Dear Members,

2022 is crashing in on us with cold weather, snow, rain and more rain. I know it’s a long way off, but I am ready for summer! And a Happy New Year to all of us.

I rang in the new officers at our holiday party, but I did not say thank you to our 2021 Exec Committee: VP Bob Herold, secretary Peggy Barnett, and treasurer Curt Colbert. They got us through a year of COVID and change, and we owe them a hearty “thank you!” Of course, Curt will be with us in 2022 as secretary, so we will enjoy another year of his dry humor.

In David Mitchell’s Utopian Avenue, he depicts utopia as both a destination and a journey, something that I believe is particularly true for writers. We write because we enjoy telling stories that we hope people will like. At the same time, we have publishing and sales goals that sometimes overshadow our joy of writing. My wish for all of us in 2022 is that we take pleasure in the journey while moving toward our destination.

And . . . please remember to pay your 2022 dues!

Charlotte Stuart

Next Meetings:

Further details, including registration info, are available on our Meetings page.

February 10—Short, Sharp, and Suspenseful: Writing the Mystery Short Story

Edgar Award-winning short story author Art Taylor contributed the essay “The Short Mystery” to the new collection How to Write a Mystery: A Handbook by Mystery Writers of America. Drawing on his essay, Art shares some tips and tricks for writing short mystery fiction—with an emphasis on economy, efficiency, and focus.

March 10—Research, Rewriting and Rechecking, with Alice Boatwright and Jeanne Matthews