President’s Message

Dear Members,

We are more than half way through the year with more Zoom meetings on the horizon. We are, however, planning on an in-person picnic on August 14 from 11 AM–2 PM at Richmond Beach Park in Shoreline. At this time, the City of Shoreline has a 50-person limit and requires masks for the unvaccinated. That could change; what won’t change is that the view is lovely and unregulated! We’ll send directions and details with an RSVP late July.

ANNOUNCEMENT: In October we will be putting together a slate of candidates to fill all four Executive Committee positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The vote will take place early November. If anyone would like to see a detailed list of roles and responsibilities, please contact me. And, if anyone would like to be considered for a particular role, let me know.

If you are considering volunteering your time and expertise as an officer, there are a couple of things you might want to know. We were forced by Covid to find ways to streamline and document processes, and we feel good about where we are at this point. Also, National is taking a more active role in supporting chapters financially and with information and best practices. And, we’ve engaged in increased interaction with other chapters this past year to compare issues, solve problems and make programs more inclusive. My conclusion: the future looks good for Puget Sound SinC.

Please feel free to contact any of your officers if you have questions or suggestions: Robert Herold, Vice President; Curt Colbert, Treasurer; Peggy Barnett, Secretary.

Charlotte Stuart

Next Meetings:

Further details, including registration info, are available on our Meetings page.

July – Please join us in taking the month off!

August 14 – Annual Picnic at Richmond Beach Park in Shoreline

September – A presentation and Q&A with agent Dawn Dowdle of the Blue Ridge Literary Agency

October – “What Drives Story: Character or Plot?” with author Roberta Trahan and editor/publishing consultant Jennifer McCord