President’s Message

It’s Nomination Time!

Welcome to autumn. It’s been a crazy year for us all and it doesn’t seem like things will be back to normal for quite some time. We don’t even know what the new ‘normal’ will be.

And yet we have ‘norms’ that we still have to follow. One of them is electing the officers for our organization in November and installing them on January 1, 2021. The good news is two of our current officers, Charlotte Stuart, our vice president and our treasurer, Curt Colbert, have agreed to run for a second term. They have both done fabulous jobs and are a delight to work with. This means the new president will have an experienced—and fun—team to rely on.

Being president of an organization like this looks great on the back of your book cover, or in a pitch letter to an agent! And the work, which does take about 5 hours or so a week, is fun and satisfying. There are other perks as well, which I’m happy tell you about if you are interested in the position. We are also in need of a secretary who handles certain correspondence as well as a few other things.

If you’re interested in giving back to the chapter by contributing your leadership skills, please contact me at pugetsoundsinc@gmail.com. If we don’t find someone who is willing to take on the job, our existence as a full-fledged chapter of Sisters in Crime is in jeopardy. So please think about supporting our wonderful organization by generously volunteering your time.

It’s been a pleasure to serve as president for 2020,

Luanne C. Brown

Next Meetings:

Further details, including registration info, are available on our Meetings page.

October 8: Elizabeth George

In October #1 New York Times bestselling author, Elizabeth George, a resident of the Pacific Northwest, will be talking to us on the intriguing topic of “Writing What You Know….? Nope.”

Hope you will join us!

November 12: It was a dark and stormy night!

Members will share a short previously written flash fiction piece, using a common prompt.

December 10: A surprise, fun-filled interactive meeting to challenge our collective creative skills. Stay tuned…