President’s Message

Dear Members,

In a recent SinC National webinar, presenter Alex Newton cited statistics about increases in sales for the Mystery-Thriller-Suspense market. There was a peak at the start of the pandemic, and sales have decreased slightly since then, but they are still higher than they have been in the recent past. That’s good news—let’s keep writing!

We have added a member news form to our website. If you have anything you would like to share, please let us know. And again, I want to thank Alice Boatwright for all of the work she has done the past few years to pull together a monthly member news report. Thank you, Alice.

We look forward to hearing from Susan McCormick and ML Erdahl for their talk, Getting Cozy with Audiobooks & Podcasts.

January has been a challenging month on many fronts. Let us keep moving forward with hope and determination for a better future.

Charlotte Stuart

Next Meetings:

Further details, including registration info, are available on our Meetings page.

February 11: Getting Cozy with Audiobooks & Podcasts

Two cozy writers share their experience turning their novels into audiobooks, and also describe their foray into podcasts with The Cozy Mystery Quartet. 

The presenters will be Puget Sound Sisters in Crime members Susan McCormick, author of the Fog Ladies series and Granny Can’t Remember Me, and Michael Erdahl, award-winning author of humorous cozy mysteries.