SinC Puget Sound

2022 Annual Report

Another year of Zoom meetings due to the pandemic, but we continued to forge ahead.


  • Compiled a list of equipment needed and approximate costs to do hybrid meetings so we can continue to include members who live at a distance while encouraging in-person interaction. (Hopefully this will come to fruition in 2023.)
  • Automated monthly payment for Sue Trowbridge’s tech services.
  • Added leadership history to website.
  • Updated member bios.


  • We continue to benefit from chapters putting their programs on Zoom and inviting other chapter members to attend, usually for free.
  • National has encouraged sharing of information between chapters and has created a site for posting meeting information.


  • Recognizing the talent we have right here in the Pacific Northwest, we had several successful programs featuring local authors.
  • Changed “Member News” to “Around the Sound” to encourage participation by broadening the kinds of announcements and information people post.


  • Membership at the end of 2021 was 47, currently we have 60 members.
  • Held small in-person meetings at Third Place Commons in addition to regular Zoom meetings.


  • SinC National pre-approved us for a $400 operations grant.
  • Once again we were able to save some money since we weren’t paying for meeting space. (It can be used next year to finance equipment needed for hybrid presentations.)
  • Checking Account Balance on 12/19/2020: $1,771.18; as of 1/30/2022: $2,858.00; as of 12/28/2022: $4,319.52.