SinC Puget Sound

February 2022 Meeting Recap: Short, Sharp, and Suspenseful: Writing the Mystery Short Story

Art Taylor

Alice Boatwright engaged award winning short story author and educator Art Taylor in a wide-ranging conversation about the history and writing of the short story. Some of the topics that were covered:

  • Is the short story a training ground for writing novels?
  • Why readers like short stories
  • Economy, efficiency and focus – the three essentials
  • Chapter anthologies
  • What it means to be “invested” in a character
  • How to market short stories

At the end of the program, Cynthia Blair, VP, gave away a copy of Art’s The Boy Detective & The Summer of ’74 and Other Tales of Suspense to the first person to answer the question: Who was the first person to use the term “short story”? The winner was Chris Caldwell.