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January 2024: Member News

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Knife Skills cover

Congratulations to Wendy Church, whose latest novel, Knife Skills, received a starred review from KirkusKirkus called it “Dizzying . . . Audiences who wished the TV series The Bear had made room for Russian mobsters are in for a treat.”

Main character Sagarine Pfister has been blacklisted by almost every restaurant in Chicago when she gets a second chance at Louie’s, the only place that will give her a job. When she finds the head chef dead in the walk-in freezer the owner, a Russian gang boss offers her the chef’s job, but also the position as his personal chef. Sagarine accepts. While the Chicago P.D. searches for the killer, the FBI pressures Sagarine to become an informer. As she becomes more deeply involved with the gang, the FBI’s demands put her at increased risk of discovery and she finds herself running for her life.