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September 2022 Meeting Recap: The Ins and Outs of Self-Publishing and Small Press – A Discussion

Jeffrey Briggs, Jen Pitts and Susan McCormick

Jeffrey D. Briggs and Jen Pitts shared their experience about self-publishing, identifying advantages and disadvantages. Susan McCormick talked about the pros and cons of publishing with a small press.

All three authors write series:

  • Jeff’s Waterfront Mysteries feature “fierce and intelligent” Martha Whitaker
  • Jen’s French Quarter Mysteries are set in New Orleans with “West Coast transplant Samantha Richardson”
  • Susan’s San Francisco Fog Ladies are “spunky senior sleuths and an overtired young doctor-in-training”

The conclusion? There’s no “right answer” for authors trying to choose between self-publishing or a small press. Either way will require an author to spend time marketing. Small presses will do the up-front work for you, but they will then take a percentage of the profits. Authors should consider their own needs and abilities when making this decision.

The good news? We can learn from and support each other in whatever choices we make!

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