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April 2022: Around the Sound

Bharti Kirchner is finishing up Murder at Jaipur: A Maya Mallick Mystery (Book 3 in the series). She took part in a Tea Book Group discussion of her earlier novel, Darjeeling (done via Zoom). She has had magazine articles published recently. And she’s judging a big national writing contest as part of a panel of judges.

Bharti Kirschner

Cynthia Blair (pen name: Cynthia Baxter)
 reports that a television production company in Los Angeles has optioned one of her series to pitch as a possible TV series on one of the streaming services it regularly works with.

Cynthia Baxter

Cindy Sample would like to announce the release of BIRTHDAYS ARE MURDER, the first book in her new Spindrift Cove Mysteries, set on the Olympic Peninsula.

After Sierra Sullivan is furloughed from her cruise director position, she moves to Spindrift Cove, Washington, to be closer to her married daughter. She soon discovers that gigs for middle-aged entertainers are scarcer than good hair days in the Pacific Northwest. With her bank account sliding toward zero, she swallows the indignity of donning a ten-pound wig and elaborate costume to perform at a child’s birthday party.

Little does Sierra know she’ll soon be upstaged by a corpse and become the leading-lady suspect.

As the bodies pile up, the entertainer adlibs her own crime-solving gig, a performance putting her in the crosshairs of a killer, and a finale that truly may be final.

Available on

Birthdays are Murder by Cindy Sample

Theresa Gage’s short story Cold Bloody Sauce is being published by Art Ascent magazine and comes out in the April issue.

Peter had a dilemma. He gazed at his son and his wife. Their raggedy clothes hung on them. They were barely surviving, and he had no idea how he was going to pay the mortgage on the farm. The bank refused a loan too…”

Theresa Gage

Susan McCormick will be part of a panel discussion at Malice Domestic, Not Her First Rodeo: Mature Sleuths. Susan writes The Fog Ladies series, with spunky senior sleuths.

The Fog Ladies: Family Matters