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Historical Mystery as Cultural Lens

The Mean Streets of Medieval York: the Historical Mystery as Cultural Lens

Candace Robb

with Candace Robb

Researching your historical mystery and working those evocative details into your story means more than just avoiding anachronisms – your words giving readers a view to and understanding of another world. At our April meeting, author and historian Candace Robb discusses how she delves into the past for her medieval mysteries. Candace is the author of the Kate Clifford books (The Service of the Dead and A Twisted Vengeance) set in 14th-century York. These books have a strong female protagonist – how does that work in medieval times? Candace’s Owen Archer mysteries, set in the 13th century, tell tales of political intrigue as well as the struggles of everyday life through ten books, beginning with The Apothecary Rose. (Book eleven is now underway).

As Candace says, “A murder mystery is a story of a community in crisis.”

Join us for this fascinating evening – April 12 at 7 p.m. in the Stadler Room at Lake Forest Park Town Center (Third Place Commons)