SinC Puget Sound

October 2017 – Recap

What a fabulous October meeting!

Half a dozen of us brought flash stories – from the more traditional mystery to the spooky to the existential. Many thanks to all who shared, and equal thanks to those who wrote and read!

Jeanne Matthews shared an exciting promotion for her books that take place in wondrously diverse countries – this week only – combined with a travel book promotion. Visit the contest site today!

Nominations were also accepted for the positions of 2 co-presidents and 1 secretary. If you are eligible to vote (paid member of international Sisters in Crime and our local chapter), you should have been listed on the September email calling for nominations. The November newsletter will include the slate of nominees in time for our voting meeting.

Everyone is welcome at our November meeting when Vicki Stiles, of the Shoreline Historical Museum, will discuss research for the historical mystery. She herself is writing and researching. Should prove enlightening even to those of us not writing in historical settings. Voting for new officers will come at the end of that meeting.

Happy spook month! Keep on writing and reading.

p.s. I have a friend in Connecticut who gives away used books for Halloween instead of candy. She mentions a child some years ago who had never owned a book of her own before. I think this is an awesome tradition. She collects from her friends every year, and sorts the books by age group, so the kids can find something they want on her front porch.