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June 2022 Meeting Recap: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Ask a Prosecutor

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Michelle Walker talked about her role as Chief Prosecuting Attorney for the City of Kent and answered questions from moderator Staci Roberts as well as from members. She emphasized that her goal is not just to put someone in jail but to consider their personal stories and help them find the resources they need so they will not reoffend.

She covered a wide range of topics, including: her oddest case, misdemeanor evidence, pre-trial hearings, deferred prosecution, rating systems for jails, work release programs and what a holding cell looks like. (FYI—her oddest case involved a DUI for a woman driving a riding lawn mower on a city street.)

When asked what mistakes writers and TV programs frequently make, she said that a lot of the basics are accurate but that in real life there is less drama and nothing gets resolved in 60 minutes. Also, she pointed out that a lot of the sensational stuff that happens in TV trials would not be admissible in a real courtroom.

It was an entertaining and informative program!