SinC Puget Sound

November 2021 Meeting Recap: Flash Fiction Night: Clueless in Seattle

Past president Luanne Brown hosted Flash Fiction Night and began the program with trivia questions about the game of Clue. After we displayed our knowledge—or failed to do so—some shared stories and others listened.

Clue box

The 250-word (sometimes more) stories that were told included the following titles:

  • The Samurai Sword
  • Tiff for Two
  • The Coroner’s Coronary?
  • Every Body’s Here
  • Who Whacked Ms. Boddy?
  • Candlestick
  • Call Me Ms. Scarlet

Some stories were more loosely connected to the theme than others, which, according to the guidelines, was perfectly fine. The goal was to have fun. And that goal was achieved!