Our Members

We are fortunate to have a number of excellent authors in our chapter. Below is a list of members with a brief description. Click on their name to go to their website.

Alice K. Boatwright – Life brings the skeptical Ellie Kent to the Cotswolds as a newlywed vicar’s wife; death keeps her guessing how long she’ll last there.

Rachel Bukey –  A new mystery series set in Seattle and featuring protagonist and Seattle Times Reporter Ann Dexter.

Curt Colbert – PI Jake Rossiter solves crimes in the gritty streets of post-World War II Seattle. Writing as Waverly Curtis (with Waverly Fitzgerald) in a mystery series featuring a talking Chihuahua named Pepe and his PI partner Geri Sullivan.

Martha Crites A taut and intelligent whodunit, Crites‘ first book, Grave Disturbance, thrives on its grim Northwestern atmosphere and dark contemporary themes.

Waverly Fitzgerald – Writing as Waverly Curtis (with Curt Colbert) in a humorous mystery series featuring a talking Chihuahua named Pepe and his PI partner Geri Sullivan.

Jane Isenberg – Menopausal professorial angst and humor in the Bel Barrett Mysteries, and a stand-alone Seattle mystery taking place during the gold rush and the 1960s.

Larry Karp – A little medicine and music with your murders, including one co-authored with his son Casey Karp.

Gail Matelson – Among Gail’s inventory of mysteries is ‘Between the Trees,’ a highly unusual murder mystery featuring a woman’s relationship with her favorite tree.

Jeanne Matthews – International mystery series featuring cultural anthropologist and amateur sleuth Dinah Pelerin.

Jennifer McCord – A writer, editor, educator, and publishing consultant in Seattle, Jennifer is Executive Editor and Associate Publisher for Epicenter-Coffeetown-Camel Press. 

Erica Miner – Bringing her experience as a former Metropolitan Opera violinist and writer to the crime fiction genre with her operatic mystery series.

Candace Robb – Writing about the mean streets of medieval York in two series—Owen Archer and Kate Clifford.

Tracy Weber – Featuring yoga, dogs, and murder in her Seattle-based Downward Dog series.

Marty Wingate – Birds and English gardens are featured in her two cozy series set in Britain.

Joyce Yarrow – The adventures of a New York City private investigator who moonlights as a performance poet.

James W. ZiskinThe award-winning Ellie Stone mysteries focus on a smart young journalist whose work for a small-town daily newspaper in the early 1960s involves her in a variety of mysteries.

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