2018 Survey Results

We received a total of 23 responses to our survey – many thanks to each of you for taking the time.

We gleaned valuable information from the responses — about who our members and regular attendees are and what draws them to our Sisters in Crime chapter programming, about our location, and more. 

The executive committee has begun to incorporate this feedback into our work to serve the chapter. You will see more information about quarterly Saturday programming at different locations, membership growth, and continued development of programming moving forward.

In general, people attend our programs and join our chapter for the obvious reasons — we are primarily writers and readers of mysteries, and others in supporting roles. There is great appreciation for the programs and presenters. With regard to our location: while the room itself might not be ideal, and the distance for many is great, the relationship with the bookstore and the access to food and social space before the meeting is a plus.

Some details from the survey can be viewed here. If you are interested in complete results, please contact us