Writing Diverse Stories in the 21st Century

June 2020: Writing Diverse Stories in the 21st Century

Our June program will feature Randa Tawil, an experienced teacher in comparative ethnic studies at Yale University. She has written articles on gender and race for academic and news publications and has agreed to adapt her talk for our chapter to focus on how we as mystery writers can be more sensitive to race and gender issues in our writing. This is both a timely and extremely beneficial topic for our members. Here is her overview of what she will discuss:

We live in a world of diverse peoples, stories, and experiences. At the same time, as writers we are often told to “write what we know.” How do we as writers use our imagination to tell different types of stories, while also understanding our own limitations? In this discussion, we will tackle the problems of writing “diverse” characters, and the opportunities for reflection that come from attempting to write stories centering people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds than our own. Focusing on issues of representation, power, and imagination from both a present-day and historical perspective, we will ask what it means to write diverse stories in the 21st century.