Dos and don’ts for a successful bookstore event

Scheduling an event:

Do. . .

    • Plan ahead. Most bookstores plan their event schedules 2–3 months in advance (and they want to promote your book during the release period – within 3 months of publication).
    • Find out the name of the person in charge of events and contact them by email.
    • In your email, provide a short author bio, cover jpg (if you have it), and link to your website.
    • Have an idea when you want to the event to be held, but be flexible. The most popular months are March/April/May and September/October, so competition is stiffer during these months.

Do NOT. . .

    • Send the bookstore a link to your book’s Amazon page!!
    • Tell people during the event about your

What criteria does the bookstore use for deciding whether to book you:

    • Does the book make sense?
    • Are there typos?
    • Is the author’s name and title on the spine?
    • Are comparisons offered. . . such as “this is the next J.K. Rowling”
    • Will the author’s event attract an audience?
    • Is there a local connection?
    • Is this an underrepresented voice?
    • What is the availability of the book?
    • How does the event fit into the schedule?
    • Praise from booksellers is influential, as well as praise from other authors


How to make your event successful

Do . . .

    • Promote your event heavily! Get in touch with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc.
    • Encourage people to come – and to buy the book at your event.
    • Plan your presentation. . . these are “author events,” not just readings.
    • Go beyond the book. . . include visuals of the place your book is set, information about your writing process, challenges the book presented. . . you can talk about “anything” but your presentation should be about more than what’s on the page.
    • Be sure to inform the bookstore if you need special support/equipment.

Don’t . . .

    • Bring food and drink without asking first.
    • Bring giveaways that encourage people to buy the book ELSEWHERE.
    • Create clean-up issues (no confetti!)

At Third Place Books, contact Sam Kaas to request an event.


Thanks to Sam Kaas at Third Place Books for his input on this list.

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